Making the life of Calves better !

By using the latest “state-of-the-art” wireless and artificial intelligence technologies available every veal calf can now be monitored individually, ensuring each veal’s individual health and stress status and making this a real Internet of Animal Health things device (IOAHT).

Veals are now monitored 24/7/365 and in the event of an occurance of sickness signals, targeted antibiotics doses are given to sick veals only. This is before cross contamination to other veals will take place.

Saving on costs and reducing the usage and amount of antibiotics used resulting in eliminating the need of whole flocks (preventively) being treated.

Stress levels during the lifespan of the calves are monitored combined with Geo locations so it is very easy to determine the level of stress and the location where it occurred worldwide!

The overall result is that caretakers now have a care free system which proofs the better healthier life of their animals (less sick / less stressed) while at the same time lowers their cost by reducing antibiotics usage, lowering the overall mortality rate and growing their efficiency.


Each cow's health is monitored 24/7/365 by measuring its temperature and movement patterns .


If anything is out of the ordinary a notification will be sent via Bluetooth to alert the caretakers of the calf .


Monitoring the transport movements of the calf during its life time enabling caretakers to check if transport duration and conditions have been met according to local regulations


Tracking and tracing the geo locations of the calf during its lifetime with the Vitulo Plus system enables caretakers to check (historic) locations of birth, origin and travel.


The Vitulo plus system is specifically designed for infinite scalability within the herd.


Using the latest low power technology the Vitulo Plus sensor will last for at least 24 months after activation.


Using the latest technology in security, after activation and subcutaneous implantation, the Vitulo Plus system sensor will detect any tampering or (attempted) removal.


The Vitulo plus sensor system is specifically designed, with the assistance of veal caretakers, for mass production and as such the cost for 1 sensor system per calf is very low

Life long data acquisition and storage

During the lifetime of the calf the Vitulo Plus sensor can be scanned with the Vitulo Plus free APP. This free APP can be installed on generic bluetooth enabled devices such as IOS / Android smartphones , tablets or even any PC Operating systems based devices.


With this APP the unique calf ISO number and  the registration of all relevant information such as: Veterinarian reports , Caretaker details, antibiotic administered information can be physically stored on the Vitulo Plus sensor internal memory.


All Data from each individual calf is permanently stored securely on each individual sensor memory and also securely transmitted and stored on a central cloud location so tampering with the data is virtually impossible.


Note: each individual calf physically carries its own individual lifetime data making this in essence a digital “passport”!




Availability in your Region

Currently we are in the process of obtaining the Regional and National required approvals from the appropriate agencies in  various regions across the World for commercial introduction. Due to the Word Wide governmental imposed measures related to the Corona Virus commercial release of the Vitulo Plus System has been delayed.

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Vitulo Plus has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement
No 691473. EASME is not responsible for the project.

Vitulo Plus has received funding from the Provincie Overijssel